DNA test pigeons


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DNA test pigeons

  1. Paternity and filiation service for pigeons

Our company does paternity and filiation testing by means of microsatellite markers analysis.

  1. Genetic Parenting Bank

We also offer a parenting bank FREE OF CHARGE, in which you can preserve genetic parenting information. Stored information can be used in any test done with descendents in each new egg-laying, avoids bothering parents while breeding, and cuts testing costs. We can also store genetic parenting material in chambers specially conditioned to preserve DNA, which will facilitate any subsequent tests done with these samples (please ask for prices and availability).

  1. Detection of the LDHA genotype in pigeons

The LDHA gene provides instructions to produce one part of the lactate dehydronease enzyme (LDHA), which is responsible for recycling lactate (in pyruvate) in muscles. During intense physical activity, skeletal muscles require more energy input. To achieve this, the lactate dehydronease enzyme converts the pyruvate molecule into lactate, which can be used by the body to obtain energy.

Studies conducted by research groups worldwide have demonstrated that mutations in the gene that encodes LDHA are related with general performance in homing and sporting pigeons. These gene variations are known as alleles, which have been identified as A and B, and three possible genotypes exist with these alleles, BB, AB and AA. Research has suggested that allele A would be present mainly in better-performing pigeons. However, this allele is an infrequent variation that is found in less than 12% of normal racing pigeons, and less than 1% of pigeons would have the statistically more favourable AA genotype.

Iberogen can determine the genotype for the LDHA gene by the most state-of-the art techniques available.



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