Who are we?

Iberogen is a biotechnology company that offers innovative solutions to the veterinary, agro-food and livestock industry by providing it with a service to cover its needs with state-of-the-art molecular genetic techniques. Our company also offers a highly specialised scientific-technical counselling service in the genetic field applied to R&D projects on biodiversity conservation and management.

Our main objective is to provide personalised assistance for our customers’ requirements by offering them the most novel solutions to their problems, and by guiding them in decision making, in order to confer their products and/or services added value as a differentiating element in today’s global market.

Although our project materialised in 2012, it actually came into being much earlier in our team’s mind. However, it was not possible to make our idea a reality until the company formed part of the companies at the Biotechnology Business Innovation Centre (CIEB) of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH). This centre houses our laboratories, which are equipped with state-of-the-art molecular technology.

Our human team is made up of reliable and highly qualified professionals with ample experience acquired from years of research in biology and during the first years that the company operated. Iberogen members’ high level of qualifications and researching experience guarantee quality when offering its services, and when undertaking new developments and lines of work, as they know how to deal with highly complex scientific themes, which they render as services for their target market.

Our company is young and intends to become a national and European reference in innovation and technology transfer. We firmly believe that our commitment to professional work, seriousness, robust results and constant improvement will allow us to become everything we have always imagined.

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